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Max Baucus Gives America A Stone For Health Care

Not long ago Senator Max Baucus announced that he would vote against an amendment to include a public option in his committee’s health care reform legislation. The legislation Baucus promotes instead doesn’t provide much help to Americans who are working hard but still can’t afford health care insurance. The Baucus plan does plenty to protect insurance companies, however.

Senator Baucus said that we shouldn’t worry about his bill’s lack of serious assistance in extending health care coverage to uncovered Americans. It’s okay, Baucus said, because his legislation isn’t meant to be complete. It’s just meant to be a cornerstone, a starting place.

A cornerstone?

What good does a cornerstone do for anybody? Can you live in a cornerstone? Can you work in a cornerstone? Does a cornerstone keep you warm in the winter? Does it keep you dry in the rain? Does a cornerstone provide you an ounce of privacy?

No, a cornerstone doesn’t do anything for anybody… unless there’s a larger building that it holds up. Senator Baucus suggests that the rest of the building will be added to his cornerstone sometime. Sometime later, when the United States Senate has the courage to take on the issues that Baucus himself was afraid to deal with.

When exactly does Max Baucus suggest that’s going to take place, if it can’t take place in a Senate with a veto-proof Democratic majority, less than a year after the landslide election of a popular Democratic President? In another 16 years?

Give us a break, Senator Baucus. Your so-called “cornerstone” isn’t anything more than a rock sitting in the undisturbed field of the status quo.

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