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Call Senate Judiciary Committee Direct to Support the JUSTICE Act

Yesterday and this morning I asked you to call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee if you happened to have one of the two Senators for your state serving on the Committee. The cause: to promote consideration and inclusion of the provisions of S. 1686 (the JUSTICE Act). S. 1686 has a number of provisions, but the major purpose of them all is to restore respect in law for citizens’ protection against unreasonable, unwarranted government surveillance, surveillance we know has not only happened in the past but continues to occur.

This Thursday — that’s tomorrow — the Senate Judiciary Committee will meet to hash out the details for a bill that addresses warrantless surveillance by the government, and out of four competing bills the JUSTICE Act provides the strongest model for restoring constitutional protections. It’s important that Americans who care about the Constitution and who want to end unaccountable surveillance call their Senators who are on the Judiciary Committee and tell them to support the JUSTICE Act and include it in the bill that comes out of tomorrow’s markup meeting.

The problem is that Americans who don’t live in California, Delaware, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island or Wisconsin don’t have a Senator who is on the Judiciary Committee and is at all inclined to receive that message (Republicans have long been a lost cause when it comes to Americans’ 4th Amendment rights). I live in Maine, and no Senator from Maine sits on the Judiciary Committee at all. It’s long been considered “bad form” to call a Senator’s office if you don’t live in that Senator’s state, but what is someone like myself to do?

Call the Senate Judiciary Committee directly, that’s what. The number of the Judiciary Committee Majority office is (202) 224-7703.

As of right now, the office IS open and it IS taking calls. Call now.

One thought on “Call Senate Judiciary Committee Direct to Support the JUSTICE Act”

  1. Tom says:

    Yes, and don’t forget to call about the Wars we’re funding for the military/industrial corporations. . .

    Unless you have incriminating pictures of her doing something nasty or illegal or a ton of cash to buy her vote, it probably won’t make any difference.

    Isn’t it interesting how people with convictions can be “shown the way” with a wheel barrow full of hundred dollar bills? Politicians are such noble creatures, aren’t they? Yes, they always have their ideals to fall back on to weigh ethical decisions such as privacy, health care, and (sorry, i can’t stop laughing) “human rights”.
    BWAHAH ha ha.

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