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House Joins Senate To Cater To Insurance Lobbyists

There is no official congressional resolution declaring it to be so, but quite clearly, yesterday was Congressional Cater To Insurance Companies Day. In the Senate, a coalition of Democrats and Republicans joined forces to thwart the public option in health care reform legislation – just what insurance companies were hoping for.

At the same time, the House of Representatives passed H. Res 16, a resolution written by Representative Judy Biggert, praising insurance companies and beseeching Americans to buy insurance company products. Only one member of Congress, Peter Stark had the integrity to vote against this fawning, servile demonstration of congressional submission to the power of the insurance lobby.

One thought on “House Joins Senate To Cater To Insurance Lobbyists”

  1. randy ray haugen says:

    it sickens me (no pun intended) that these elected officials can so blatantly go against what the people that elected them wanted when they got elected in the first place!
    whoa, that was quite a mouthful. michael moore was on CNN and that’s my paraphrased version. he quoted some stats as to how many citizens want universal coverage that were pretty dramatic. the problem being that the large majority that want single payer are the portion of the population that have the least money. it’s that top 20% that got it and they won’t let go.

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