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Why Did Blanche Lincoln Vote Against the Public Option?

Senator Blanche Lincoln is running for re-election next year as a Democrat. The Democrats have been campaigning for years on the promise of universal health care, or at least health care reform that would make medical insurance affordable for all Americans. The public option is a widely popular way to expand health care coverage. Given that, why did Senator Lincoln use her vote in the senate to kill the public option in the Senate’s health care reform legislation?

Look at where Lincoln is getting the money for her 2010 re-election campaign if you want to find the answer. She has raised over 4 million dollars for her campaign so far, and most of it comes from political action committees and funneled corporate money. A great deal of that money comes from organizations and individuals who profit from the health care status quo.

Of all U.S. Senators, Blanche Lincoln is the top recipient of donations from companies that manufacture and sell medical supplies. Lincoln also takes a great deal of money directly from political action groups set up by insurance companies. These are the sources of the money she’s using to run for re-election – so it makes sense, in a cynical kind of way, that these are the interests she is protecting by voting against Barack Obama’s public option.

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4 thoughts on “Why Did Blanche Lincoln Vote Against the Public Option?”

  1. Richard Bruno says:

    I am from Arkansas and this makes me so sad.
    Sen Lincoln, please don’t allow corporate interests to supersede the health of your constituents!

    1) Health care is a human right. US needs to set a precedence for the rest of the world.
    2) 45,000 uninsured Americans are dying every year. People need access to primary care, where we can help prevent obesity, diabetes, alcoholism, and smoking–the four leading disease causes of death.
    3) A single-payer system will pay for itself, and allow doctors and clinics to pay attention to patients, not billing and coding.

    Richard Bruno
    medical student

  2. Tom says:

    Ah, Bruno – you’re so young and naive in the ways of the world. i’m sorry, but health care apparently is NOT a “right” any more than privacy is one. You see, the people with all the money look at all the rest of us as somehow less than them, and corporations see us as somewhat less than human. So, while it would be nice were we all to be taken care of by the country we put all our love, work, dreams and tax money into, the powers that be have BOUGHT the government and make the decisions now. Just wait til you see how they treat people who are sick and can’t afford the high priced care, or even those who can afford it but are denied coverage for spurious reasons. Now THAT is sickening and sad. Best of luck!

    old codger

  3. American Citizen says:

    Hey Tom wait till you’re force to buy Health Insurance. I hope buying health insurance with no public option dosen’t happen. If it does then the Government better have room. I intend to leave America if Bacaus gets his way. I wonder how canada will make.

  4. Datherine says:

    Surprising to think of smoeitnhg like that

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