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Congressional Cryptogram

The following quote came from a member of Congress this week – but not in this form. I’ve made it into a cryptogram. That means that every letter in the statement, and in the name of the person who made the statement, was switched with another letter.

To solve the cryptogram, discover the code. Who can figure it out first?

“fb fiw zg vuipb sz ize wjijsgz gn rgqbhzxbzj izl kb zbbl jg hbiusob jfij fb sw iz bzbxe gn faxizsje.” – jybzj nyizdw

6 thoughts on “Congressional Cryptogram”

  1. Jacob says:

    He has no place in any station of government and be need to realize that he is an enemy of humanity

    Trent Franks

    The Cryptogram is flawed because it uses y = r in the name of the speaker and it uses h=r in the body of the text. Either this is two seperate Cryptograms or a flaw in typing. I like thes… they are fun!

    1. Jacob says:

      and then I make a flaw, lol… “we need to realize…”

  2. Truman says:

    Okay, Jacob – you win double extra super points for solving the cryptogram, and for finding an error in it. I’ll bring another one along soon – and triple check it this time. Perhaps I was not cut out for work in the CIA after all… rather like an earlier example by F.G….

    1. Jacob says:

      Making an error hardly disqualifies you for work in the CIA. Heck, I think since your error was so small nobody would even notice it. The CIA likes to make BIG errors that allow buildings to get blown up and terrorists to attack.

      1. Truman says:

        Dang. Either way, I’m disqualified.

        1. Jim says:

          I had enough fun doing this one that I decided to do one myself. It’s up in the posts.

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