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Review: Sellit ADPAK Apparently Fails to Deliver Ads As Promised

Starting in August and through last month, we at Irregular Times tried out the Sellit ADPAK advertising widget in order to review its performance. In its FAQ section, Sellit promises to deliver at least 15,000 “impressions” (views of the advertisement) in a month:

Sellit promises at least 15,000 impressions monthly

But as you can see from this screen capture of a statistical report run by Sellit itself, that’s not what Irregular Times got:

Sellit AdPAK Metrics: Sellit delivered far fewer than 15,000 advertising impressions

These metrics were accessed at the end of the day yesterday, the last day of the month of September 2009. Pay particular attention to the chart in the lower left-hand corner. According to that chart, our widget received only 9,000 impressions during the month of September. In the month and a half covering the end of August and all of September, our widget was placed for only 13,064 ad impressions. Sellit promised “You should expect to receive a lot more than 15,000 impressions in any given month.” Sellit delivered far fewer than that.

There is a second possibility: it’s possible that Sellit’s reports are faulty and that the website doesn’t keep an accurate account of what it does and how it places the advertisements you’ve paid for. The 2 reported interactions in January of 2009 (when we had no widget with Sellit) and the 1 reported interaction next month indicate that quite possibly Sellit doesn’t know what it’s doing or doesn’t bother to base its reports in reality. If that’s the case, how should we interpret any information offered to us by Sellit?

After these failures, what are the consequences for Sellit? In a legal sense, there aren’t any. Notice what Sellit writes into its Terms of Service:

in Terms of Service, Sellit informs its users that they have no recourse if Sellit renegs on its promises

What that all boils down to is Sellit telling you that if it fails to deliver what you’ve paid for, if Sellit lies to you, you won’t get your money back, you won’t get any compensation for Sellit’s failure to deliver as promised, and you won’t even necessarily get these problems fixed. In its own Terms of Service, Sellit is telling you that whatever promises it makes elsewhere aren’t to be trusted.

So no, I won’t be filing a class action lawsuit. I won’t be banging down Sellit’s door asking for a refund. I’m not going to be asking Sellit to do anything to fix its problems, since Sellit is itself unconcerned with them.

I’m just cancelling our ADPAK account with Sellit, then telling you what I’ve found. I encourage you to decide for yourself whether Sellit is the sort of operation with which you should be doing business.

One thought on “Review: Sellit ADPAK Apparently Fails to Deliver Ads As Promised”

  1. James says:

    The only entity doing well here is yourself Jim, your conversion rate appears to be very high and that’s not a surprise for such a hot topic item.

    They’ve shown your ad 13K times – wow huge number, wow crap CTR. They don’t even describe what the product is in their widget. The name gets cut off.. so you could be looking at a rectangle image not a bumper sticker. No wonder no one wants to click it.

    This is the most over hyped, lamest thing I’ve ever seen.

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