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Review Senate Judiciary Committee Surveillance Markup

Update: Markup ended at 12 Noon. Within 24 hours, expect to see the full video webcast of today’s the Senate Judiciary markup session at

Markup is not complete. This means that there is more time for you to contact your senator and contact the Senate Judiciary Committee majority office to express support for the most thorough PATRIOT Act and FISA Amendments Act reform legislation available: S. 1686, the JUSTICE Act.

Earlier this morning I wrote…

Watch Big Brother.

The markup session in which the Senate Judiciary Committee will hash out language for government surveillance reform is available as a live video webcast this morning through the committee webpage.

As of this moment, nothing in the webcast is being returned for me but a blank screen. I hope and expect that as the morning progresses and the meeting gets fully underway, the screen will resolve into our elected leaders. Hopefully, they will be leading.

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