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39 Dems, 24 GOP Vote To Continue Military Waste

In general, I’m not a big fan of Arizona Senator John McCain, but this week, he did something positive and important that any progressive ought to support. He went after 2.5 billion dollars of wasteful spending in the military budget: Money to buy new C-17 cargo planes that the Pentagon has declared it does not need and does not want.

McCain introduced an amendment, S. AMDT. 2558, to H.R. 3326, the defense appropriations bill. That amendment would have taken away 2.5 billion dollars in spending on the unwanted C-17 planes, and dedicated the funds to the maintenance and repair of the C-17 planes that the military already owns.

When the vote was cast, it became clear that fighting wasteful military spending is not a clearly partisan issue. 39 Democrats, 24 Republicans and 1 independent voted against cutting the unwanted C-17 planes from the military budget. 17 Democrats, 16 Republicans and 1 independent voted in favor of cutting the wasteful spending.

See a list of the members of the senate, and how they voted (two senators abstained from voting) on the McCain amendment.

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