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Stock Photos Suffice When Anti-Gay Group Can't Find Real Proponents

Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald reported on Friday that groups in favor of same-sex marriage equality in Maine have a long line of Maine families asking to be featured in its advertisements. But oddly enough, the anti-gay groups are having the hardest time finding anyone actually from Maine who opposes marriage equality and who’s willing to lend their face to the effort. So while the pro-equality NO on 1 / Protect Marriage Equality features actual Mainers on its web page:

Home Page of NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality

The anti-equality Stand for Marriage Maine resorts to stock photos in order to populate its web page:

Stand for Marriage Maine Stock Photographs

To add to the unreality, Stand for Marriage Maine has been auditioning actors to pretend to be a “working waitress type” or to pretend to be a “teacher type” — actors who appear to have “real Maine” qualities for television advertisements. The central “real Maine” quality Stand for Marriage Maine was asking for in its casting call? “Caucasian.” When the anti-gay group wants to keep up appearances, it’s Whites Only, please.

Bill Nemitz asked Stand for Marriage Maine to explain why the group is using stock photos of people from outside Maine and relying on the pretense of actors, instead of finding people who really live in Maine to explain themselves. He didn’t get any reply.

2 thoughts on “Stock Photos Suffice When Anti-Gay Group Can't Find Real Proponents”

  1. Ralph says:

    Wait, Yes on 1 is perfectly willing to cast a black school teacher in an online fundraiser.

    Okay she was wide-eyed and starting into space, while the 4 snow-white kids gathered around her looked awkward and embarassed… but that’s just because the headline reads “Should Second Graders be Taught About Homosexual Marriage?”

    When it’s time to appeal to parent’s basest fears that some crazy adult is going to say wildly innapropriate sexually explicit things to their kids, then they’re all for ethnic diversity among the authority figures…

    Sickening, isn’t it?

    1. Jim says:

      Perfectly sickening. Thanks for the word on this, Ralph.

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