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Al Franken, Will You Stand With the Patriot Act or With Civil Liberty?

When the public was watching, Senator Al Franken read the 4th Amendment aloud to Obama officials, in high rhetorical dudgeon against the Patriot Act. Everybody clapped.

When the public wasn’t watching, Senator Al Franken twice acted to support the Patriot Act and to keep warrantless surveillance, search and seizure of Americans’ communications and property — even when they aren’t involved in terrorism, and even though the 4th Amendment specifically says that the government cannot do that.

On the Constitution, Al Franken is a Big Question MarkOn Thursday, October 8, when the Senate Judiciary Committee meets to pass a bill that reauthorizes warrantless surveillance, search and seizure under the Patriot Act, what will Senator Al Franken do? Will Al Franken vote to curb Patriot Act abuses of power by supporting the provisions of S. 1686 (the JUSTICE Act)? Or will Al Franken continue to support the Patriot Act, despite his speechifying?

Call Senator Al Franken in DC (202-224-5641) or in Minnesota (651-221-1016) and encourage him to follow the path of action that matches the direction of his rhetoric.

5 thoughts on “Al Franken, Will You Stand With the Patriot Act or With Civil Liberty?”

  1. randy ray haugen says:

    i’m getting my cell phone out as we speak!

    1. Jim says:


  2. qs says:

    Irving Kristol’s 1950 and 60’s magazine called Encounter magazine subsidized by the CIA.

    Most likely, National Review was also a CIA front organization to rally conservatives around the big government.

    1. qs says:

      Buckley left the CIA and started up the National Review and got rich. It would be awesome to see proof that the CIA was funding him too so we could discredit that magazine.

      1. Jim says:

        Or we could discredit ideas on the basis of content rather than association.

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