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Pre-Halloween Historical Cryptogram

1st clue for this cryptogram: I needed to translate the words out of their archaic English spellings to make it a bit more fair for you.
2nd clue: L = K
3rd clue: D = Y

Kb jbiyn Miyd Kipvsxx mc scb sq jby qmxf fid xjix fjb fik xjb ieeiymxmsc sq Fiyij Eysvxsy vswb icn joyx jby rd vjslmct icn emcvjmct sq jby. Kb rsxj ipfo jbiyn jby fid xjix fjb rysotjx xjb rssl xs jby icn oytbn jby xs kymxb mc jby rssl. Kb kbyb rsxj eybfbcx icn jbiyn jby fid, “M ksopn csx kymxb mc dsoy rssl xjsotj dso lmpp wb.” – xbfximwscd sq Nihin Qbycbiu icn Ascixjic Kipvsxx Ay. itimcfx Fiyij Eysvxsy, Fipbw kmxvj xymipf

2 thoughts on “Pre-Halloween Historical Cryptogram”

  1. Jacob says:

    Worked on this last night. I think I will give other people time in ‘witch’ to have fun before I post the answer. I cant be the only nerd here… There has to be someone out there who likes to do these.

    1. Truman says:

      Thanks for your restraint, and your subtle clue. No, you’re not the only one – and it’s so, so much better to be a nerd than to be among the herd of the disinterested.

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