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The Fire Next Time? Current Events Cryptogram

The following is a question I consider appropriate to the Judiciary Committee hearings on Patriot Act reauthorization to be held later this week. I’ve typed it out as a cryptogram, however. A cryptogram is a kind of code in which every letter of the alphabet is replaced by another letter of the alphabet. For example, “Axbbxbbxoox” is a cryptogram code for “Mississippi.”

Can you solve this cryptogram?


A bonus if you can name the speaker. Then think about how it applies.

3 thoughts on “The Fire Next Time? Current Events Cryptogram”

  1. Jacob says:

    “If they do these things in the green wood,what will be done in the dry”

    Jesus, as recorded by Luke.

    Many people think that this was probably a common proverb of the day. People would have instantly known what he was saying. I believe he is talking about persecution. He is telling people, if the Romans are doing this to me (Jesus), what do you think will happen to the Jewish Nation. They are ripe for Judgment

    Some try to make this a judgment verse, but I just dont see how that is possible.

    1. Jacob says:

      I just used judgment twice in two different contexts which will probably be confusing. Sorry. When I say, “Some try to make this a judgment verse, but I just dont see how that is possible” I am talking about Hell and eternal judgment. When I say “They are ripe for Judgment” its more about the coming persecution of church, Earthly judgment. I apologize again, that was poor wording

    2. Jim says:

      You’re quick, Jacob! I thought you’d like the Biblical reference.

      As I read it (and as some others have too), the reference to the green wood and the dry is a double reference: green wood represents growth, viability, fecundity, prosperous conditions; dry wood represents adversity, death, sterility, difficult conditions. If these bad things come to pass in good times or to the best of people, what will happen when circumstances prove difficult or to those who are weak? Green wood doesn’t burn well; it resists flame. Dry wood goes up in an instant.

      We’re still in the green wood, and I quail to think what might happen in the dry.

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