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Patrick Leahy: Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head None, I’ll Monitor Warrantless Surveillance All By Myself

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont has just dropped the barest fig leaf onto his vote against the Durbin Amendment, which would restrict warrantless surveillance under national security letters to individuals who are — or who are even just connected to — a suspected terrorist or spy. Patrick Leahy rejected even that standard for warrantless surveillance. Senator Patrick Leahy just voted to let warrantless surveillance occur against people who are NOT suspected of terrorism, who are NOT suspected of being spies, and who are NOT even connected to any such person?

His reassurance, offered while he declared that position? Don’t worry, Americans. I’ll conduct oversight of the program myself.

Yes, that’s right. Senator Patrick Leahy will himself watch over the entire FBI warrantless surveillance program, right there from behind his desk in his office in the Capitol Building. You don’t need constitutional protections, Americans! Senator Patrick Leahy will make everything work just right! With his super powers and the mask and cape he keeps hidden underneath his suit jacket. Who needs laws with standards and constitutional protections when you have the Super Senator’s X-Ray Vision?

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Ted Kaufman in the Judiciary CommitteeIn related news, Senator Amy Klobuchar just made the mistake of opening her mouth during the meeting. Senator Klobuchar indicated that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, declaring that she would vote AGAINST the Durbin Amendment, and justifying her opposition by reading the TEXT of the Durbin Amendment and saying that the Durbin standard is good enough for her, which is why she would be voting AGAINST it. Senator Durbin responded by pointing out, in very small and easily understood words, that she was reading the text of the Durbin Amendment, declaring her support for the text of the Durbin Amendment, and then saying she’d vote against the Durbin Amendment! Despite having this absurdity pointed out to her, Senator Klobuchar plugged on and voted no, against the Durbin Amendment. She won’t let logic, consistency, syllables or wordy things get in the way of her marching orders. Amy Klobuchar is today’s argument against rational choice theory in politics.

Senator Klobuchar simply doesn’t know what she’s doing. Rank incompetence is embarrassing, but at least it is an excuse. Senator Leahy has been around long enough to better. His fig leaf doesn’t cover a thing.

By the way, in case you were wondering, both Senator Leahy and Senator Klobuchar are Democrats. Note this: Democrats are now pushing through warrantless surveillance programs. Democrats are now openly declaring that they want to use surveillance against Americans without warrants, even against Americans who aren’t suspected or connected to terrorism or spying. Big Brother, unconstitutional, unaccountable spying against Americans: it’s a Democratic Party thing.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Leahy: Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head None, I’ll Monitor Warrantless Surveillance All By Myself”

  1. randy ray haugen says:

    sorry, can’t talk about this now. haven’t you heard?
    dave letterman had sex with an employee! details on CNN and every major media outlet.

    1. Jim says:

      You got that about right. Sorry, I’d chat about a massive dragnet operation spying on innocent Americans, but I already have some time penciled in this afternoon to look at some Hayden Panettiere pinups.

    2. HareTrinity says:

      SEX?!? No way! But that’s a SIN (in most circumstances), the BIBLE says so!

      Lucky the Bible doesn’t have much to say about spying, lying to start wars, breaking promises and sitting around doing nothing when action needs taking.

  2. Tom says:

    It looks like the building of more prisons will be the sector of the economy to lead us out of this depression!
    Jobs for everyone, then we lock you up when they’re completed.

    What part of POLICE STATE don’t you get, Senator?

  3. Fred says:

    It is an addictive activity that many got used to abusing under the Shrub administration.
    Fishing expdeditions to the level of Mc Carthyism of the ’50s.
    Accountability for these knuckle draggers is really needed to keep them in check and focusing
    on the real bad guys instead of people and citizens they just may not “like”, politically.

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