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Richard Durbin Reveals: Library Records of Innocent Americans Taken by the Government Without a Warrant

In a speech given just now in a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, we just heard the following information:

“We now know for a fact that the FBI has issued National Security Letters for the library books of innocent Americans.”

— Senator Richard Durbin, October 8 2009

Senator Durbin is as I write offering a simple amendment: to require that National Security Letters can be used by the government without warrants only when used in the case of a suspected terrorist or spy.

How will members of the Senate Judiciary Committee vote? Will they support warrantless surveillance, searches and seizures against Americans, even in cases that have nothing to do with terrorism?

Or, as Senator Durbin just put it: “Now that we are informed of widespread abuses, what will we do about it? Nothing?”

The nation should be watching to see what happens next.

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