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1 Day to the National Equality March: Pack

The National Equality March is tomorrow, and I’ll be there both as a collector of information and as a participant who believes people should not be discriminated against under law because of their sexual orientation.

I’ve been to a fair number of marches and other protests in Washington. Oddly enough, most of them tend to happen in the months of December, January and February. For winter outdoors protests, there’s no way to avoid bulky packing, but tomorrow the weather forecast tells me it will be partly sunny with a high of 70.
Here’s my packing list for an overnight trip:

Toothbrush and comb
Change of socks, underwear and shirt
Compact video camera
Compact audio recorder
Granola bars
Bottle of water

That last bit is essential. I learned during the first George W. Bush inaugural that if you don’t lubricate those vocal cords, after a while you just can’t use ’em.

What’s on your packing list for a march like this?

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