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One thought on “Beaten By Cops in 1965 and Still Waiting”

  1. Jacob says:

    As much as I disagree with gay marriage I think stuff like this has to stop. Here is an article from today.

    N.Y. Police: Gay Man Beaten on Street in Apparent Hate Crime
    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Print NEW YORK — New York City police say a 49-year-old gay man leaving a corner deli near his home was beaten by two men in an apparent hate crime.

    Jack Price remains in a medically induced coma. He is in serious but stable condition.

    Police say the two suspects taunted Price and yelled anti-gay slurs while he was in the store early Friday. They attacked him outside, not far from his home in the middle-class Queens neighborhood of College Point.

    Twenty-six-year-old Daniel Aleman was arrested Sunday and charged with assault and aggravated assault as a hate crime. The name of his attorney was not on record.

    A second suspect is being sought. The police department’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating.

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