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Despite Early Sparseness, National Equality March Swells to Considerable Size

When I’ve attended national marches in Washington, DC before, the Metro has been packed with people carrying signs. Not today. I’ve seen just a handful. As I emerge from the McPherson Square station the sidewalks are obstructed by people selling rainbow flags, but there aren’t buyers. Sidewalks are open with some marchers, but not that many. The march starts here in an hour.

4:00 update: despite early indications, the National Equality March swelled to a considerable size. From my perch on top of a concrete berm at the entrance to Lafayette Park, I watched (and filmed, later to come) the entire march as it went by…
and by, and by. With marchers 20 abreast, it took the march an hour and a half to pass. That’s pretty big for a DC protest, if not one of the hugest.

One thought on “Despite Early Sparseness, National Equality March Swells to Considerable Size”

  1. Dennis R. says:

    it wasn’t “early sparceness,” it was “fashionable lateness.” just sayin.

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