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21 thoughts on “Rainbow Over National Equality March (With Pictures)”

  1. They Call me...Tim says:

    A raindow is a symbol from God sent by him after Noah arrived on land. It was a symbol to show his promise to Noah that he will never destroy the Earth by Flood again…nothing more….

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Really, nothing more, Tim? So, you mean every time I see a rainbow that means that Noah has arrived on land again? Get a grip.

      1. They call Me...Tim says:

        Fitzer, you are stupid…let’s try this again….The question above was: For those who believe that God sends weather in judgment, what kind of judgment does a rainbow on a warm and sunny day represent?

        The answer was: A raindow is a symbol from God…etc….

        Not that Noah comes again, or lands over and over whatever preconcieved bullshit your Godless mind thinks. The question was for those that have a belief….I stated that there was no judgement, just what those that have a faith already know what a rainbow means in spiritual terms….

        So go back to chastizing those of faith, Mother Earth gets impatient with slackers…..

    2. Jim says:

      Tim, thanks for your answer. Since I asked the question in the domain of those who believe God sends weather in judgment, I’m assuming you answered because you’re within that domain. If not, please let me know.

      If God has sent hurricanes and tornadoes in judgment, as prominent Christian fundamentalists have asserted, what does it imply for God to have sent a warm, sunny day? What sort of judgment does that signify? What does it mean that the rainbow appeared to this large assembly for equality as it did to the righteous Noah?

      If the warm and sunny day with a rainbow signifies nothing about God’s judgment of gay and lesbian Americans, does that also mean that God’s tornadoes and hurricanes signify nothing?

      1. Jacob says:

        So was it an Equality march or a poke fun at Christian theology march? because you know the answer to what you ask already, you have asked it before. Must be that you care more about turning the world atheist then equality…

        1. Jim says:

          Jacob, it was an equality march. My life and interests are more than an equality march. Must a person only be interested in one thing at a time? How dull a life that would be. Clearly equality for gay and lesbian Americans and the Christian theocratic tendency in America have related in an inverse fashion. It’s true in an ideological, demographic and legal sense.

          Now, why don’t you answer the question. Are you afraid to utter the answer?

          1. Jacob says:

            Jim, I have answered this question a half dozen times. How does that make be afraid?

          2. Jim says:

            I checked; you’re right, you have. You’ve said clearly that by your thinking God does NOT judge by weather. So you don’t fall under the domain I mentioned in the post.

      2. They call Me...Tim says:

        I am an agnostic….basically, I believe in science right down to the sub-atomic oparticle that created the big bang….from there, I can only believe that the sub atomic particle came from somewhere…until that is answered in a tangle way…I can have but only one default answer….as for all the natural disaters that have hit mankind recently…they are no different that have hit man thru the centuries…we just have the a better communication grid that let’s everyone what’s going on….

        A rainbow on a sunny day durning a gay march means…there was a high level sirrus cloud with water vapor in it….nothing more….no blessings there but in the minds of the marchers….

        1. Jim says:

          sounds reasonable.

        2. Jacob says:

          How for down to you believe subatomically? Most of it can not be seen and must be taken by faith. We look at what can be seen and imagine what cant. How far does your faith go?

          1. They call Me...Tim says:

            Right down to the one that God made it so….after that, he sat back and watched his creation grow….expand…and flourish….

  2. tonykw says:


    1. torii says:

      Not 2 Start Bullshiit But Unless U Dnt Believe Shiit Bout God Then Y R U Still On Diis Earth ;; “He” Made U N Trust He Can Take U Away ;; Nd I Dnt Noee What Da Hell Ur Thinkinqq Bout If Ur Thiinkiinqq Bout Haviinqq Gay Sex ;; U Must Be Haviinqq It CuzZ I Noee Damn Well He Not.

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        If God can do anything, he can have gay sex, and if God is everywhere, then he is in the body of men having gay sex, Torii.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what about the pot of gold? did noah know about the pot of gold? was it raining before or after these pics? that could be telling. if mid-october snows are any kind of judgement, minnesota has hell to pay today.

    1. Jim says:

      Absolutely sunny. That little wisp of cloud was about all we saw yesterday.

  4. qs says:

    Rainbow in D.C. or somewhere else? There’s always a rainbow somewhere.

  5. Vince says:

    so FYI… first off i was the one at the march with the sign that said this…


    so first off that should tell you in what category i stand. i do not believe that God sends judgmental weather ANYMORE. BECAUSE, he promised that he wouldn’t anymore, after he showed the first rainbow to NOAH.

    with THAT said i DO believe that that rainbow STILL WAS A SIGN. God Told noah that every time he puts a cloud over the sky there shall be a rainbow as a sign that he will NOT destroy the world that way again and that bow shall forever be a sign that God will not do that again. (for our religious holy-rollers: they can find the references to that in Genesis 9)

    That sign was a sign to us as well, that sign was to say that God SHALL NOT INFLICT SUCH HARSH JUDGEMENT ON THE GAY COMMUNITY. God send Christ to save the gay people too!!! so guess what you holy-rollers, take your religious bigotry and shove it, im a gay man of faith and i got my ticket to heaven!!! see you there!!!!

  6. Holly says:

    And then there’s the idea that God is loving and also has a sense of humor. The rainbow is the symbol for gays. God thought he’d give you one for your parade.

  7. sean caesar says:

    the partial rainbow in the sky means UFO activity in that area .A lady in the arden area took video of partial rainbow that was extremely bright in the middle, she blew the video up to see a huge golden rock behind that rainbow floating in air ,it was in the news ch 13 ,they show the partial rainbow and the gold rock behind it clear as day no blurry pics.I have also witnessed several pieces of rainbows several times on different days ,all bright in middle because that same golden rock or ufo is behind it ,so it just means ufo activity.If you have a good pair of binoculars ? look in the eastern sky at approx 10pm on clear night,find the brightess and lowest star that looks like it might be spinning or pulsating and zoom in on it and watch it for a few wont believe your eyes .It is an angel,NO JOKE have someone with a steady hand to look and carefully focus and watch. or go to you tube and type _images of ufo and angel ,its the same angel i saw with my own eyes ,I couldnt believe anyone else saw it but me,but someone else did and recorded it.

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