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Offshore Oil Drilling Disaster Continues

In just one week and one day now, the Montara rig oil spill in the Timor Sea will have been going for two months, crude oil gushing out into the water without any abatement. Big oil which promised it had safe, controllable oil drilling technology, hasn’t been able to do a thing to stop the disaster.

The drilling company, PTTEP, was only able to even try to fix the spill for the second time yesterday. For the second time, it completely failed.

In other oil spill news, it turns out that the Black Rose a leaking sunken tanker off the coast of the state of Orissa in India was operating under forged documents when it went down. Indian government officials are still attempting to deny that there is a serious spill coming from the ship. However, local fishermen are reporting diminished catches, as well as the discovery of dead fish, crabs and dolphins.

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