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Ten Thousand at their Back, DC Journalists Film One-Man Counterdemonstration

Randy Sly of Catholic Online writes in complaint against journalists covering the National Equality March:

Totally ignored at the march were those who came to bear witness to the Christian message regarding homosexuality and calling those present to allow God to work in them in restoration. Randall Terry reported last week that he and others who stand for life and family would be present with a message of reconciliation and hope.

Oh, reality check, please! Even after he released a national appeal for counter-demonstrators that was featured by wire services like Reuters, religious websites like Catholic Newswire, right wing political sites like Free Republic and even business publications like Forbes, Randall Terry showed up for his counter-demonstration with only himself and his cameraman to accompany him. I was right behind him standing on a concrete berm for the whole march, so I can attest to that. One other crank was about 40 feet down the street.

And here’s what the journalistic coverage looked like from where I stood:

ABC 7 News and WUSA 9 cameramen and other DC journalists with their back to the 10,000 equality marchers, documenting the actions of lone counterprotester Randall Terry

TV News cameramen for ABC 7 News and WUSA9, accompanied by photo journalists whose associations I couldn’t identify, turned their backs on ten thousand people marching through the street to demand equality under law. Instead, they took pictures and video of the guy who was standing by himself, holding a megaphone and straddling a sandwich board with an image of the severed head of an aborted fetus.

The whining of Catholic Online is simply not justified: Randall Terry got more than the news coverage proportionally due to him. Perhaps it was because he provided entertainment value. The 10,000 people behind the photographers’ backs just looked and acted so… you know… normal.

3 thoughts on “Ten Thousand at their Back, DC Journalists Film One-Man Counterdemonstration”

  1. qs says:

    Whatever you say.…mr pajama clad fringe

    Obama White House tells uppity LGBT to know their place.

  2. Jim says:

    Look. A comment!

  3. Jim, Logged Out says:

    And look, if I log out I can comment, too.

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