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Maine Anti-Gay Rally That Shut Mainers Out Was Funded by Washington, DC Religious Group

Boy oh boy, you can say this for the anti-gay forces seeking to overturn Maine’s same-sex marriage law: when they go in for something, they don’t do it by halves.

You may remember that in September of 2009, an anti-gay calling itself “Stand for Marriage Maine” held what they called a “rally” in the city of Augusta to promote taking away same-sex marriage rights in the state of Maine. But oddly enough, the “rally” was closed. Only very particular people were invited, and Mainers who weren’t invited were shut out. Even journalists were excluded from the secret proceedings.

By contrast, in case you were wondering, NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality has held a series of meetings across the state to which everyone, Mainers and non-Mainers, citizens and journalists, everyone has been welcome to attend.

Well, here’s an update on that strange “Stand for Marriage Maine” “rally.” I put both “Stand for Marriage Maine” and “rally” in quotes, because campaign finance reports released yesterday reveal something rather odd about who paid for the rally. Guess who cut the check to rent the space?

Campaign Finance Report Reveals: Family Research Council of Washington, DC paid to rent the space for the Augusta Rally against Same-Sex Marriage

That’s right: the Christian fundamentalist Family Research Council of Washington, DC picked up the tab. (Source: Maine Campaign Finance Database)

When anti-gay forces close the doors of their meetings to Mainers, and when those meetings are funded from Washington, DC, it sure doesn’t look like an indigenous effort. In Maine, where you can have lived in a town for 20 years and still be referred to as “from away,” that sort of thing especially matters.

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  1. qs says:

    Whatever you say……mr pajama clad fringe

    Obama White House tells uppity LGBT to know their place.

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