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Anthropomorphize This Fan

I live in an old farm house, so it wasn’t a surprise when a water leak from the floor above stained the kitchen ceiling. We needed a fan to dry it out, and it wasn’t a surprise to find that our old model dating from Arizona days was stuck on Oscillate. The result is what you see in the video below:

The sight disturbs me enough that I’ve had to turn my back on it to keep working. The movements have anthropomorphized the fan for me, giving it the appearance of humanity that it doesn’t actually possess. I see the fan as distressed, restrained, feebly and futilely attempting to move. It creeps me out.

Apart from my perceptions, it’s just a fan, drying out the space between the first floor and second floor of my farmhouse.

What other ways do we imbue humanity into aspects of our universe that are inhumane? At what peril?

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