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Report: USA Patriot Used to Sniff Out Druggies, Guns and Fraud, Not Terrorism

On October 1, Senator Russell Feingold revealed in a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee that “in fiscal year 2008 only 3 out of the 763 sneak and peek search warrant applications were in terrorism cases. 65 percent were for drug cases.”

Sneak and Peek operations, you may recall, are authorized by the USA Patriot Act. They allow agents of the government to enter your home or other property and search it without telling you. The USA Patriot Act, you may recall, was hurriedly passed in the fall of 2001 as a means of going after terrorists. Senator Feingold’s remarks suggest that the USA Patriot Act’s sneak and peek operations don’t even remotely regard the war on terrorism.

What do these sneak-and-peek operations regard, then? The report from which Senator Feingold cited statistics is an obscure letter from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts sent to Congress during the summer when few Americans were paying attention. The report breaks down the reasons for government sneak and peek searches without notice:

Reasons for Sneak and Peek Operations in Fiscal Year 2008:

Drugs: 62%

Fraud: 7%

Weapons: 5%

Extortion: 3%

Unspecified: 3%

Fugitive: 3%

Theft: 2%

Kidnapping: 2%

Sex Offense: 2%

Immigration: 2%

Murder: 2%

Assault: 1%

Contraband: 1%

Robbery: 1%

Threats: 1%

Food and Drug Violations: 1%

Taxes: 1%

Other: 1%

Counterfeit: 0.4%

Terrorism: 0.4%

Conspiracy: 0.4%

Bribery: 0.3%

The USA Patriot Act: sold as a tool to get the terrorists. Used as just another tool of the criminal justice state.

3 thoughts on “Report: USA Patriot Used to Sniff Out Druggies, Guns and Fraud, Not Terrorism”

  1. Tom says:

    Well, lookee there Clem – it seems lack they done switched ep the sur-VEY-lance to be about DRUGS and such. Gess the war on drugs ain’t kwat over, eh?!

  2. JD says:

    When will we make drugs legal so it can be regulated and taxed like tobacco and alcohol? It would save a lot of lives and we could pay for the health reform with the sin-tax. I wonder if it could make health care for all free.

  3. LEGEND says:

    The Patriot Act was an insipid lie foisted on Americans by the lying and deceitful men who crafted the Bush presidency. The government never REALLY had any terrorists on their radar screens…only the ones THEY TRAINED AS PILOTS in Florida and importuned onto the planes in Boston. Remember this, Boston was also a treasoners paradise during the Revolution. This time the revolution was entrenched neo-cons who wanted to strip American’s freedoms away to their own ends.
    The Patriot Act has been used as a tool to silence dissenters across America, with aggressive break-ins whose purpose was to silence dissenters while they gutted the Constitution. During these breakins they vandalized (also called toss-it parties), stole intellectual property (with the removal of documents, recordings, and images) and then left a subtle message by the vandalism- your home is OUR castle, scumbag.
    Anyone who believes Obama, the freemason, is not WORSE than Bush is not paying attention. He lied on every point of his campaign promises, especially the Patriot Act.
    Throw them all out.

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