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Senators Try To Require Violation of the Constitution

There’s a whole lot to write about a bit of obscure legislation offered in the U.S. Senate last week, and I’ll be bringing you a series of articles on it in the hours and days to come. For right now, let me point you to an introductory article about the legislation at That’s My Congress.

Here’s a quick summary of the legislation, S.Amdt. 2669 to H.R. 2847.

– It’s an amendment to an appropriations bill for the Department of Commerce
– It has been sponsored so far by Republicans Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and right wing independent Joseph Lieberman
– It would require the President, not merely allow, to prosecute certain defendants in military tribunals that violate the Constitution in multiple ways
– It’s an ex post facto law that would apply retroactively to only one particular criminal conspiracy

This legislative amendment doesn’t have a name, which is rather convenient for its proponents. The provisions of the amendment are downright tyrannical, but it’s difficult for most Americans to maintain outrage at something named S.Amdt. 2669 to H.R. 2847.

Let’s give this rotten little piece of legislation a name that suits its nature, then. Let’s call it the Defunding Justice Amendment.

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