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Is US Government Behind Terrorism in Iran?

Mother Davis looks at the back of her head in a room of mirrors, looks to the news wires and sees,

Today, the government of Iran is accusing the United States government of connection to a militant Sunni organization that it claims is behind a terrorist attack in an Iranian province near the border with Pakistan. Iran asserts that American spy agencies have cultivated relationships with a violent organization that calls itself the Soldiers of God.

So, is the United States behind this act of terrorism?

I find it plausible that American agents would interact with, provide information and perhaps even material support to groups working to undermine the Iranian government, even through acts of violence. If that is the truth, it means that the U.S. has been playing with fire, encouraging groups prone to terrorism in the name of anti-terrorism. It does not, however, mean that the U.S. government was specifically behind these attacks.

Nonetheless, it was on the basis of connections much less substantial than these that the United States justified its invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Our government had best acknowledge any connections to this terrorist group that exist, and offer assistance to Tehran in bringing the culprits in yesterday’s attack to justice. Violent attacks against nations we are unfriendly with, whether we are responsible for them or not, will only encourage those nations to become more hostile to us, as cynical politicians exploit the attacks to increase international divisions.

Seeing herself stare back through a hall of mirrors,
Mother Davis

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