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Oil Spill in Timor Sea Disaster Could Be Much More Than Claimed

There is to be a fourth attempt today to stop the massive oil spill that has been spewing petroleum out onto the waves of the Timor Sea from an offshore drilling platform for the last two months. The three previous attempts to end the spill made over the last few weeks have been complete failures. Oil industry claims that new technology can prevent and cope with the oil spills associated with offshore drilling appear to be a sham.

Other oil industry claims have been exposed as well. Yesterday, during a hearing in the Australian Senate, the estimates of PTTEP Australasia, one of the drilling companies responsible for the oil spill disaster, were sharply questioned. It was revealed that the Australian government had been accepting PTTEP claims about the extent of the oil spill without critically examining them, even though experts at Geoscience Australia, a government agency, indicate that the oil spill could be five times as large as the PTTEP estimate.

offshore oil platform burns

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