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Which Window Shows the Jesup Virgin Mary?

The Virgin Mary has been getting around. She started out in a piece of toast, went to a garage door in Pennsylvania, and appeared in an underpass in Texas. Now, fresh from her appearance in Samoa, our lady of the smudgy vision has brought her world tour to a car wash in Jesup, Georgia, where the owner says that an image of Our Lady Of The Two For One Special has appeared in a window. He’s put the Virgin Mary window on a special display, so that people can come to pray, and to wash their cars.

What does this Virgin Mary apparition in a window look like? You can see it right below. One of these photographs shows the window from Jesup that’s supposed to be the Virgin Mary. Can you choose which one is the holy apparition, and not a smudge?


We’ve been told before by some of our readers that an apparition of the Virgin Mary is a warning that a tsunami will soon take place – just like happened in Samoa. So, should the residents of Jesup, Georgia start preparing for the mother of all tidal waves?

17 thoughts on “Which Window Shows the Jesup Virgin Mary?”

  1. Get it right!!!!!! says:

    You are so full of crap FGFitzer…..The reader said “There is no question as to her appearance but the fact that it was a message, a warning of the disaster that was soon to come”. If you are going to try and lead poeple to believe you have something worth talking about then get it right!!!!!

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Um, so what wasn’t right? The reader said that the apparition of the Virgin Mary is a warning of a tsunami. Still no tsunami in Jesup – or any other disaster. The virgin-as-warning theory doesn’t seem to be holding up very well.

      So, come on, defensive one – can you identify which smudge is the Virgin Mary?

      1. Get it right!!!!! says:

        I can do better than that, hows about I guess which SMUDGE looks like you?????

        1. Jim says:

          Death threats for Jesus. How sweet.

          1. Get it right!!!!! says:

            Ah, are you saying FGFitzer is Jesus? Now that really explains your arrogance, Jim!

  2. Jacob says:

    Its F

  3. F.G. Fitzer says:

    How do you know?

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        Well, Jacob, the point of these things is that if you need Google to tell you when the Virgin Mary is appearing before you, maybe it’s not the Virgin Mary.

        1. Jacob says:

          But if I didnt need Google it would be the real thing? Wow, Google has more power then I thought 😉

          And only “maybe”??? I would say its definantly not the virgin mary. At least not in a spiritual sense

  4. Kevin says:
    1. Jacob says:

      My work computer wont let me into that site. What new religion am I embracing???

  5. Kevin says:

    “My work computer wont let me into that site.”

    That means your new god hates your job and you should quit….

    1. Jacob says:

      Wow, did you forget to take your pills today Kevin???

  6. Kevin says:

    what? are you drunk already Jacob? Its only afternoon…

    I will repeat. Your failure to access the site reveals that your new god hates your job/employer and you should QUIT so you can join in the religious fun.


    1. Jacob says:

      The comment is not hard to understand. I am just trying to figure out your direction. Normally your insults make sense but these out of nowhere with the failure to point out where you are starting from have me a tinsy bit confused. I am sure I will get a good laugh when I go pick up the kids and head to the library so I can see your witty link.

  7. ramone says:

    it’s really not fair to google for answers to the quiz,jacob. it takes all the fun out of it. now, when i guess “f” no one will believe that i’m just a really good guesser and not someone who peeked at the answer.
    all hail the google god!

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