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Beware Of Not Seeing Ghosts

The Folsom Telegraph brings us an ethereal tale just in time for Halloween. Brad Smith, the journalist who wrote the newspaper article, interviewed James Brown, a manager at the Folsom State Prison, and a former guard there, who says that the prison may be haunted by ghosts.

So, does Mr. Brown report having seen ghosts at the prison? No, and according to Brown, that’s what makes it likely that there’s ghosts at the prison.

Smith quotes Brown as explaining, “As a young man… I had a few experiences that convinced me [ghosts] exists. I believe in them … but I let them be and they leave me alone. Maybe that’s why I never had experiences while I worked at the prison.”

Mr. Brown never saw ghosts at the prison, which leads him to believe that there are ghosts at the prison, because ghosts don’t show themselves to people who believe in them, but leave them alone by acting as if there aren’t any ghosts. Hm. So, were the experiences Brown had as a young man other instances of not seeing ghosts?

Intrepid journalist Smith doesn’t let this initial lack of evidence of anything ghostly at Folson State Prison stop him from getting the story. He pushes through until he finds the evidence he was looking for. Smith discovers that Brown has heard people tell stories about other people who say that they saw a ghost that is said, by someone else, to be the spirit of a prison guard killed in a “1927 prison right”.

A prison right? Yes, as any hard boiled prison journalist like Brad Smith could tell you, that’s the insider slang for a prison riot. You didn’t know that because you haven’t done hard time – and you’re not an experienced reporter like Brad Smith.

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