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No on 1 Goes Low Tech for More Effective Road Signs than Yes on 1

The Yes on 1 road signs put out by the anti-gay “Stand for Marriage Maine” are reasonably well-designed as far as traditional campaign signs go, although the color scheme leads to some practical problems: yellow and white don’t contrast, and unless you’re in just the right light, as in the photograph you see below, the family holding hands just fades into the background.

Yes on 1 Stand for Marriage Maine road sign

The NO on 1 design is pretty smart, mostly because of the production style. Plywood signs have been appearing along the road of different sizes, painted with different shades of green, but always with the simple phrase “NO on 1” stenciled in white on top. The look is different from sign to sign and very home-made. I think that’s kind of the point: emphasizing variety, differences and subtly communicating a locally-based message, rather than a mass-driven, all-the-same message:

NO on 1 road sign to oppose the repeal of same-sex marriage in Maine

The differences in the signs aren’t just about subtly embracing diversity: they also mean that every time I see a slightly different NO on 1 sign, it’s slightly new to me and I pay more attention. Every single Yes on 1 sign I’ve seen has been exactly the same. Some people say that’s good for establishing a brand in consumers’ brains, but the thing is that this isn’t a brand people need to remember three or six or nine months from now. It’s a one-time campaign that will be over in 11 days. While Yes on 1 has branded itself, No on 1 is going for the local and personal.

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    New Marriage Protection Act for the 2010 election to ban divorce in California.

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