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Tomorrow Has Already Begun, 350

Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th of October, is an international day of grassroots action. The goal is to pressure leaders to take action against climate change so that the global atmospheric concentration of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide can be lowered to below 350 parts per million. That’s why the rallying web site for this day of activism is found at

Of course, at this hour, in many places on Earth, tomorrow has already begun. Morning is now breaking across Central Asia. In the ancient trade city of Samarkand, members of the Youth Environmental Network of Uzbekistan will be an event to mark the day. If the people in Uzbekistan are ready for action on climate change, can’t we take action here in the United States?

Dawn is still about an hour or two away on the eastern slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, which sits on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. The following photograph was taken there yesterday, as a testament for the coming day that the famous snows of Kilimanjaro are quickly disappearing.

kilimanjaro no snow

In the Himalayan nation of Bhutan, which relies on glacial melt for human water supplies, two 350 Day activities are already underway. Likewise in India, China, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines… This is no time for room temperature legislative reactions to the climate crisis. The temperature is hot. Human efforts to deal with the problem need to be glowing hot in response.

Here in the United States, the Democratic Party’s resolve for dealing with climate change is wavering. We need to be firm in pressuring the Democrats to follow through on the promises of 2008, and deliver change we can believe in.

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