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Bicycles, Car: What's The Problem Here?

A number of people riding bicycles, and a car trying to budge in

Take a close look at this picture. How many people are riding the bicycles? How much space do they take up? What is the density of bicycles per unit area on the road? How much space does the person driving the car take up? What is the density of cars per unit area on the road? How many cars would it take to fit the number of people riding bicycles on this road? How much space would these cars occupy?

Now head over here where the photograph is paired with an article. Guess what the author identifies as the problem in the picture.

6 thoughts on “Bicycles, Car: What's The Problem Here?”

  1. Green Man says:

    Oh, no. The writer says that the bicycles are a nuisance – as that car has inserted itself into their lane of traffic? Bo-gus.

  2. JD says:

    So much of life is about respect. When behind the wheel, respect the bikes and give them room. When on the pedals, respect the cars and give them room.

  3. Kevin says:

    I am guessing that its the fact that these ignorant agressive angry “Bicycle People” are interfering with that poor motorists GOD GIVEN RIGHT to drive his machine in peace and happiness.

  4. ramone says:

    i went downtown a few weeks ago and was greeted by a scene similar to this one. turns out it was a rally for support of more bicycle awareness. the bicyclists were getting out in the streets to make their point and the cars were getting it. there is a big push in the bicycle lane movement,but, both sides seem to have a problem staying in their own lanes. J.D. is right to say mutual respect is necessary, but, when you ride a bike, prudence trumps respect.

  5. JD says:

    Dear prudence, be careful out there. When you drive a car know a mistake could kill someone, when you ride a motorcycle it may seem as if you are invisible, when you ride a bicycle you are invisible. I’ve had many close calls while on a motorcycle and was hit by a car when riding a bicycle in ’73(riding well within the rules of the road). I was messed up but we didn’t think about suing. The car driver simply didn’t see me. He went through severe emotional stress. There are no winners when it goes bad. Be careful out there no matter what you’re driving.

  6. Hu Ra says:

    Wise words JD!

    While on a bike/music tour of CA, HuRe & I got to talking about the car vs. bike topic and we came to an idea resembling this one:

    Imagine the roads always populated with more bikes than cars. The asshole cyclists would probably fuck it up for everyone else by being assholes (like the pictured driver). Then more bike cops would be created and then we’d have a traffic situation all over again. The people walking would hate on cyclists and we’d all probably still loathe the “automobile”. For now, we can all enjoy the state of things and still try to improve them. What fun to live these lives in this world, wrought with things to do and issues to affect and …

    Never-the-less, USA Today speaks to a particular audience. I appreciate that you (Jim) channeled their ignorance into this bit of wit and wisdom for our enjoyment. 🙂 Thank You.



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