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Bush's Surge Failed

The purpose of the military surge strategy in Iraq, begun two years ago, was to create circumstances that would allow for a political arrangement between Iraqi factions that would prevent a continuation of insurgent violence in the nation, and then allow the United States to leave. The surge however, did not result in a stable political arrangement among Iraqis. Now we see the consequence: As soon as the United States eases back on the surge, violence increases. Bombings in Baghdad have killed and wounded hundreds of civilians.

A foreign military occupation that creates a nation that can rest in relative peace only as long as the occupation persists cannot be regarded as successful… unless the purpose of the occupation is to prolong its own existence. Unless we’re willing to accept an unending American military occupation of Iraq, the surge strategy looks like a remarkable failure.

3 thoughts on “Bush's Surge Failed”

  1. qs says:

    At least they got rid of the “IED lottery”, which took like 4 years to decide it was a bad idea.

  2. Tom says:

    The Bush years were a bad idea.

  3. ramone says:

    no way! the surge worked, ask any republican. george bush is a master military strategist. and to think obama would not admit it was a brilliant success. shame, shame, shame.
    now, let’s try it again in afganistan.

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