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14 Americans Killed Fighting To Defend Corrupt Afghan Government

mother davisMother Davis turns off the radio and writes,

Fourteen Americans were killed in Afghanistan yesterday. Hearing this, I remembered the days when one or two dead American soldiers in Afghanistan was enough of a big deal to make the news.

What did they die for? To defeat the Taliban and al Quaeda? It’s been eight years that the American military has been working on that problem, and during that eight years, the Taliban has become stronger, and al Quaeda has found refuge elsewhere.

For the freedom of Afghan women? Women in Afghanistan are still living in tremendous inequality, both in areas controlled by the Taliban and areas controlled by the central, American-supported government.

To protect us from terrorism? I think, in evaluating this point, we need to consider why we want to be protected from terrorism. It’s because we don’t want Americans to die, and we don’t want American property to be destroyed. Yet, in the name of protection from terrorism, we have sacrificed many times more lives than have ever been lost in terrorist attacks on American soil. We have spent our nation’s fortunes fighting wars designed to prevent terrorism. Many of the same politicians who voted in favor of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq now tell us that Americans’ basic medical care can’t be paid for, because there isn’t enough money.

Besides, terrorism does not appear out of nowhere. Al Quaeda and the Taliban have their roots in the earlier battle in Afghanistan between the Soviet Union and the American-supported muhajadeen, in the American military presence in Saudi Arabia. Al Quaeda gained strength working in reaction to the corrupt governments supported by the United States of America and the money funneled to those governments because of our immense hunger for petroleum.

The American-supported central government of Afghanistan has shown that it’s gone the way of other corrupt regimes that have fueled anti-American rage. Hamid Karzai’s government is filled with petty corruption and gross corruption alike. It’s an Islamic theocracy that doesn’t respect the human rights of its citizens. American efforts to prop up this government have resulted in large numbers of deaths among Afghan civilians, further inflaming anti-American anger.

To keep this effort going, fourteen Americans were sacrificed yesterday. More human sacrifices are to come.

Carrying a stack of eight calendars to the recycling bin,
Mother Davis

15 thoughts on “14 Americans Killed Fighting To Defend Corrupt Afghan Government”

  1. ramone says:

    no need to worry, soon we’ll have another 40,000 more troops to fight and die for a corrupt afghani government.
    four out of five sunday morning pundits agree.

    1. qs says:


      Before the election, the U.S. government and Karzai government picked the opposition parties that were allowed to be on the ballot.

      You think they’d really let the Talis be on there?

      1. qs says:

        The election was more for the U.S. media and people than for anything going on their.

    2. qs says:

      Mccrystal wanted 80K troops but that was an impossibility so he went to 40k.

      I think if this continues, we’ll need a draft soon because the forces are becoming so stretched.

  2. ramone says:

    when they start the draft back up the DADT policy won’t only be referring to gays in the military.
    beggars can’t be choosers.

    1. qs says:

      As if being gay would get you out of Vietnam or WW2….of course it wouldn’t.

      If it did, well then we need to keep DADT!

  3. dprosenthal says:

    Why the hell are we keeping our kids there, endangering thier lives for these throwbacks to the dark ages? Bring them all home and let the loonies kill each other. No matter how long we stay or what we think we’ve accomplished, the end result will be the same – they’ll hate us and everything we stand for and will never hesitate to defame us or kill us.

  4. ramone says:

    if i were of draft age and DADT were in place, i would become a flaming fag real quick. i’d be telling everybody!
    they had no such policy in the vietnam era. it was more like “don’t tell or you’ll get your ass kicked”.
    i’m not sure, but, i do believe you could not join the military if you were openly gay up until DADT.
    re-thinking my statement, i’m sure there were plenty who tried to “become” gay to avoid the draft. it must not work as well as i thought. nevermind!

    1. qs says:

      Ya, be careful what you wish for. If a McCain-like candidate wins in 2012 and wants to invade Iraq and other countries, he will need a draft.

      He could repeal DADT in order to expand the ranks!

  5. AlanSmithee says:

    What’s the problem? Now that Code Pink is supporting the occupation, it can’t possibly fail!

    1. qs says:

      We should withdraw, and leave Dick Cheney and Medea Benjamin there to continue the fight.

  6. ramone says:

    now that cheney is out, he has grown huge balls. maybe now he can go in single handed and take down the taliban and bin laden all by his lonesome.
    talk is cheap for bunker-boy!

  7. Rhonda says:

    @Mother Davis
    You all seem to forget that this is an all volunteer military. I’m pretty tired of you folks (cowards) who are anti-war when if it weren’t for the action of a war we may all be speaking German or Japanese. How many of you have read “The Looming Tower”. I bought the book immediately after hearing a review and an interview with the author on NPR. These radical Muslims will stop at nothing and are a REAL threat. They want to take over the entire world much like the Nazzis did during WWII. Why don’t you people get it? I cannot believe how rediculous you are because you don’t think or reason out decisions. You only think with your “little hearts”. These men and women that joined the military KNOW that they may die. If they joined up only to receive benefits then they are also not using their brains. Surely you must know that to change social values such as respecting women is a long process. Those tribes in the Middle East have lived like that for centuries. Honor killings occur here as well; they move to the U.S. and bring their values with them and refuse to assmilate into American culture. People like this group who sponcers this site don’t seem to get it. You get pissed off about atrocities yet you don’t want to stand up and fight against it. You’d rather spout out “peace and harmony” and talk it out. What maniac do you know with a bomb strapped to his torso is willing to sit down and talk about? These people have been kidnapping children for over three years from families and threatening them. They’ve used the children as suicide bombers in order to con trol the people. Why are you reading up on THIS? Of course it would be ideal if no Americans die but becuase the numbers are fewer than is truly needed we are vulnerable. Get your heads out of the clouds and wake up to reality. I used to be a stupid Democrat until two months ago, I’m glad I finally have grown up and looked at the world as it is rather than what I want it to be. You have to deal with it as it is and not try to create a Utopia when that is futile. There will always be evil people who want to control the world or their specific world so, lets just try to deal with these persons, take them OUT!

    1. Mother Davis says:

      So, we are cowards. How about you, Rhonda? Are you in Iraq or Afghanistan? No? Oh, but you bought a book and listened to an NPR radio show.

      What courage, you have, Rhonda. You are so courageous to applaud for a war that other people are fighting.

      You ask, “What maniac do you know with a bomb strapped to his torso is willing to sit down and talk about?” The truth is, Rhonda, that I don’t know any maniacs with bombs strapped to their torsos. Do you?

      Personally, I would rather be called a coward by people like you than to throw away my life in order to support a corrupt Islamic theocracy, which is what the government of Afghanistan is.

    2. qs says:

      Pat Buchanan on Russian Today discussing Afghanistan.Pat Buchanan: White House vs. Pentagon.

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