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Indonesian Harvest Ruined By Oil Spill

Seaweed – it’s not a glamorous thing. Yet, for the people of Rote Island, seaweed is life. Seaweed harvest is the island’s primary industry. It’s how the Rote islanders survive.

So, it’s a big deal for the people who live on Rote Island that the oil spill in the Timor Sea has continued for two months and a week without stopping. It’s a big deal, because the oil spill has reached Rote Island, ruining the seaweed harvest, and leaving many Rote Islanders without any means of income.

People who promote offshore oil drilling often describe a drill baby drill fantasy in which everyone benefits. However, when the technology of offshore drilling platforms fails, and crude oil surges out into the waters that people depend upon to make a living, the benefits are not so clear.

Who’s going to help the Rote Islanders, now that offshore drilling has ruined their economy? Who’s going to help Americans when offshore drilling causes oil spills close to their shores?

2 comments to Indonesian Harvest Ruined By Oil Spill

  • Tom

    Ask the people who were most “put out” due to the Exxon Valdez spill how long they had to wait and how much help the oil giant was to them.

  • ramone

    do the oil companies take no responsiblity for these spills?
    where is the regulation?
    who is in charge?
    names, adress’, numbers?
    call these guys out!

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