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The Denial Channel

I went over to a friend’s house yesterday evening, to pick up a few things for a project we’re working on. When I knocked the door, he called for me to come on in.

He was sitting in his living room, watching his large screen TV. It was showing a woodland scene, with a small brook splashing over rocks, ferns growing through the moss on the ground, the bark of thick tree trunks, and wet leaves blowing in the wind. I stood there for a minute, watching, waiting for the narration to begin. It didn’t.

I realized that there wasn’t going to be any narration. It was just a TV show of natural scenes, on a big screen, high definition. It’s for relaxation, my friend told me. The sounds and sights of natural settings have been shown to lower blood pressure.

I picked up the materials I needed, stepped outside the door, and a was hit by a breeze, carrying yellow-orange leaves from a maple tree across the porch. I walked back home slowly.

One thought on “The Denial Channel”

  1. ramone says:

    well, he could have been watching the cable news networks where he would not have been seeing anything about oil spills. then again, he could have been watching “dancing with a cow” on the major networks. he could have taken a walk out in the actual outdoors, but, how relaxing is that?
    he may have chosen wisely.
    what channel was that anyway?

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