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Diocese of Wilmington Declares Bankruptcy to Avoid Debts While Sending Money to Maine for Anti-Gay Efforts

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy earlier this month. Declaring an overall debt of between $50 million and $450 million dollars, officials of the Diocese of Wilmington delayed eight sexual abuse trials against priests of the Diocese — trials that were set to open the very next day. In declaring itself bankrupt, the Diocese of Wilmington sought to move proceedings from multiple civil trials in which evidence about sexual abuse coverups would be publicly aired to a single process in bankruptcy court.

But as the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wilmington declared huge multimillion dollar debts and begged that poverty prevented it from compensating victims of sexual abuse coverups in upcoming trials, news also came out this month through the campaign finance reporting system of Maine. October’s campaign finance reports showed that the Diocese of Wilmington sent money up to a Ballot Question Committee in Maine, money to be spent convincing Mainers to reject same-sex marriage.

Let me see if I’ve got this right: the Diocese of Wilmington is in such crushing debt that it can’t possibly pay trial judgements to victims of sexual abuse carried out by its own priests. But it does have enough money to pay for an anti-gay political campaign 5 states away.

How is this possible? Let us proclaim the Mystery of Faith!

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