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Marsha Blackburn Serves Big Media Moneybags

Yesterday, U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn introduced legislation that will forbid the Federal Communications Commission from doing its job by regulating the structure of Internet communications to Congress. The bill is aimed at preventing efforts by the FCC to preserve network neutrality, the classic state of structural equality that enabled the Internet to thrive.

Big media corporations want network neutrality to go away so that they can divide the Internet into a fast lane and a slow lane. The fast lane would be for corporations and wealthy Americans. Their web sites would zoom. The slow lane would be for the rest of us. Our web sites, on a lower-tier Internet, would creep.

Guess which industry that has given the most money to Marsha Blackburn’s re-election campaign for 2010: Yes, it’s big media corporations – and telephone companies are close behind, with thousands of dollars of political action committee money into Blackburn’s account.

One thought on “Marsha Blackburn Serves Big Media Moneybags”

  1. ramone says:

    it really is quite amazing what a field leveling agent the internet has become. giving people from all walks of life easy access to people in high places is very empowering. the fact that those in power are trying to slow down or marginalize the poor folks is certainly nothing new. hopefully, with judicious use of the internet, people (like those with I.T.) will be able to stave off the big money and big media types. hey, my computer is already way too slow.

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