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Newt Gingrich Considering Run For President!!

Amazing news for the 2012 presidential election: Newt Gingrich is considering running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States! In related news:

newt gingrich 2012 campaign button– Bill Bradley is considering playing professional basketball again
– The Jackson 5, um, Jackson 4, are considering making an entry into the 2010 Summer Music Clinic Boy Band Competition at the University of Wisconsin at Madison
– Rolling Stone is considering dedicating an issue to the many ways in which the young Baby Boom generation will change America
– The Museum of Modern Art is considering an exhibit of the work of unknown artist Pablo Picasso
– NASA is considering funding initial research into a new technology for air transportation, tentatively known as dirigibles

1 comment to Newt Gingrich Considering Run For President!!

  • ramone

    NASA is considering going back to the moon. maybe they can take newt with them.
    topical aside: does anyone remember the old “hercules” cartoon show? and herc’s buddy “newt”? every time i see gingrich i think of that cartoon. don’t know why, maybe it’s because gingrich is such a horses ass.

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