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House Freak-Out Session Scheduled for Tomorrow. Put Steel in Congress' Spine against unwarranted Surveillance.

Marcy Wheeler has an angry and well-grounded interpretation of the House Judiciary Committee schedule for tomorrow, October 29:

House of Representatives Legislative Calendar for October 29 2009

I have my own questions: will we really be able to watch the video webcast of a classified briefing? In the Visitors’ Center? That would be pretty cool; while we learned more about the Islamofascist threat from the comfort of our homes, we could check out the souvenir stand behind James Sensenbrenner’s head as he bobbed and weaved.

Marcy Wheeler is more on point about the meeting and what it’ll be about. She terms it the “Get Democrats to Cave Meeting”:

As you’ll recall, the Senate Judiciary Committee had such a classified hearing, as well. The day after that hearing, the Democrats gave up their plans to actually improve the PATRIOT Act, and instead gave the Administration everything they wanted, making it easier to conduct fishing expeditions on Americans. As you’ll probably also recall, the Administration submitted those changes via Jeff Sessions, one of the most loathsome Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, giving the Democrats thin cover for utterly caving on the Fourth Amendment.

So which Republican do you think the Administration will hide behind while gutting improvements on the PATRIOT Act this time? Some choices are:

Lamar Smith, the Committee’s Ranking Member and a Texan, with all that suggests

Darrell Issa, former member of the House Intelligence Committee and quite a capable asshole

Steve King, a close match for Sessions in terms of being a loathsome idiot

Enter your guess in the comments for a chance to win a coveted hub cap. And ready your calling fingers Monday to remind Democratic Committee members of their duty to protect the Fourth Amendment.

Will tomorrow’s classified briefing turn the House Judiciary Committee toward Big Brother surveillance and away from the Fourth Amendment? Only if Americans let it happen. Don’t wait until Monday. Crack your knuckles today and call your members of the House Judiciary Committee, Democrats and Republicans alike:

Call the House Judiciary Democrats:

John Conyers, Michigan, 202-225-5126
Howard Berman, California, 202-225-4695
Rick Boucher, Virginia, 202-225-3861
Jerrold Nadler, New York, 202-225-5635
Robert Scott, Virginia, 202-225-8351
Mel Watt, North Carolina, 202-225-1510
Zoe Lofgren, California, 202-225-3072
Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas, 202-225-3816
Maxine Waters, California, 202-225-2201
Bill Delahunt, Massachusetts, 202-225-3111
Robert Wexler, Florida, 202-225-3001
Steve Cohen, Tennessee, 202-225-3265
Hank Johnson, Georgia, 202-225-1605
Michael Quigley, Illinois, 202-225-4061
Judy Chu, California, 202-225-5464
Luis Gutierrez, Illinois, 202-225-8203
Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin, 202-225-2906
Charles Gonzalez, Texas, 202-225-3236
Anthony Weiner, New York, 202-225-6616
Adam Schiff, California, 202-225-4176
Linda Sánchez, California, 202-225-6676
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida, 202-225-7931
Dan Maffei, New York, 202-225-3701

Call the House Judiciary Republicans too…

Lamar S. Smith, Texas, 202-225-4236
F. James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin, 202-225-5101
Howard Coble, North Carolina, 202-225-3065
Elton Gallegly, California, 202-225-5811
Bob Goodlatte, Virginia, 202-225-5431
Dan Lungren, California, 202-225-5716
Darrell Issa, California, 202-225-3906
J. Randy Forbes, Virginia, 202-225-6365
Steve King, Iowa, 202-225-4426
Trent Franks, Arizona, 202-225-4576
Louie Gohmert, Texas, 202-225-3035
Jim Jordan, Ohio, 202-225-2676
Ted Poe, Texas, 202-225-6565
Jason Chaffetz, Utah, 202-225-7751
Tom Rooney, Florida, 202-225-5792
Gregg Harper, Mississippi, 202-225-5031

Tell your member of Congress what you really want: the repeal of these Patriot Act provisions and the dismantling of the FISA Amendments Act. Unwarranted surveillance has no place in a constitutional America.

One thought on “House Freak-Out Session Scheduled for Tomorrow. Put Steel in Congress' Spine against unwarranted Surveillance.”

  1. ramone says:

    it has become increasingly apparent in the last few days and weeks that the purpose of our afgani intervention has long ago strayed from it’s original mission. this is no longer about the perpetrators of 9/11. this mission is no longer about the terrorist organization al quida. this mission is not about women’s rights. this mission is not about the taliban or buiding democracy.
    the war in afganistan, touted as the front line in the war on terror, has now become the latest front line in the war on drugs. since the drug enforcement agency has become the spearhead in the fight against the taliban, it’s obvious that the mission is more about interdiction and eradication than it is about world wide terror.
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    the new war strategy in afganistan and the extension of the patriot act are just the latest efforts in a consistantly wrong minded aproach to the drug problem. anyone with any knowledge of addiction knows that making criminals of users only causes more dangerous criminal activity in many other parts of society. from the junkie stealing to support his habit, to the beat-cop who takes bribes and looks the other way and even up to the prime minister’s brother who wants his cut of exorbitant profits, the laws prohibiting a person from exercising his own free will have made criminals out of normally law-abiding citizens.
    if we continue to allow unwarranted wiretaps, if we allow searches and arrests without probasble cause, if we let the DEA infiltrate our military and set the agenda of our foreign war policy, then we should use what’s left of our constitution as kindling for the fires of a revolution that is waiting in the wings.

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