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Reminder: Tell the House Judiciary Committee, NO Patriot Act Reauthorization

The House Judiciary Committee meets Wednesday to consider H.R. 3845, legislation that would reauthorize core provisions of the USA Patriot Act. Will we have four more years of secret, often warrantless search and seizure under the Patriot Act? Only if Americans let it happen. Crack your knuckles and reach for the phone. If your member of Congress is on the House Judiciary Committee, make a call and leave a message with his or her office:

Call the House Judiciary Democrats:

John Conyers, Michigan, 202-225-5126
Howard Berman, California, 202-225-4695
Rick Boucher, Virginia, 202-225-3861
Jerrold Nadler, New York, 202-225-5635
Robert Scott, Virginia, 202-225-8351
Mel Watt, North Carolina, 202-225-1510
Zoe Lofgren, California, 202-225-3072
Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas, 202-225-3816
Maxine Waters, California, 202-225-2201
Bill Delahunt, Massachusetts, 202-225-3111
Robert Wexler, Florida, 202-225-3001
Steve Cohen, Tennessee, 202-225-3265
Hank Johnson, Georgia, 202-225-1605
Michael Quigley, Illinois, 202-225-4061
Judy Chu, California, 202-225-5464
Luis Gutierrez, Illinois, 202-225-8203
Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin, 202-225-2906
Charles Gonzalez, Texas, 202-225-3236
Anthony Weiner, New York, 202-225-6616
Adam Schiff, California, 202-225-4176
Linda Sánchez, California, 202-225-6676
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida, 202-225-7931
Dan Maffei, New York, 202-225-3701

Call the House Judiciary Republicans too…

Lamar S. Smith, Texas, 202-225-4236
F. James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin, 202-225-5101
Howard Coble, North Carolina, 202-225-3065
Elton Gallegly, California, 202-225-5811
Bob Goodlatte, Virginia, 202-225-5431
Dan Lungren, California, 202-225-5716
Darrell Issa, California, 202-225-3906
J. Randy Forbes, Virginia, 202-225-6365
Steve King, Iowa, 202-225-4426
Trent Franks, Arizona, 202-225-4576
Louie Gohmert, Texas, 202-225-3035
Jim Jordan, Ohio, 202-225-2676
Ted Poe, Texas, 202-225-6565
Jason Chaffetz, Utah, 202-225-7751
Tom Rooney, Florida, 202-225-5792
Gregg Harper, Mississippi, 202-225-5031

Tell your member of Congress what you really want: let the provisions of the Patriot Act drift away into the sunset. Unwarranted surveillance has no place in a constitutional America.

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