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Sarah Palin Pushes Moderation Out Of The GOP

She proved to be a disaster for the Republican Party’s presidential ticket in 2008, but now, for some reason, Sarah Palin seems to be calling the shots in the Republican Party. Just days after Palin announced her opposition to a Republican candidate for Congress, accusing that candidate of being too moderate to be acceptable for the GOP, that candidate has effectively dropped out of the race.

The winner of the special election next week to replace Republican John McHugh, leaving New York’s 23rd district seat in Congress to become Secretary of the Army, was always going to be a right winger. Democrats nominated right winger Bill Owens. Republicans nominated right winger Dede Scozzafava. The Conservative Party nominated right winger Doug Hoffman.

sarah palin shirtRepublican Party zealots from outside the 23rd congressional district were outraged, however, that Scozzafava was not as extreme as they would like. They were embarrassed that Bill Owens managed to outflank Scozzafava, with positions further to the right. So, under Sarah Palin’s leadership, Republicans fled their own candidate and started giving more support to Hoffman.

The issues most in question: Marriage equality and reproductive choice. Sarah Palin could not tolerate support for equality and acceptance of any abortion at all within the Republican Party, and so she led the charge to squash the moderation. Thanks to Palin’s efforts, money from outside the district flooded to Hoffman.

Could Sarah Palin do to the Republican Party in general what she just did to the Republican Party in the 23rd congressional district in New York? If so, we may be in for a particularly dangerous presidential election in 2012.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Pushes Moderation Out Of The GOP”

  1. freddyf says:

    “She (Sarah) proved to be a disaster for the Republican Party’s presidential ticket in 2008”

    This is the kinda horse pucky that the liberal media continues to throw out. The truth is that the reason Obama won 2008 is becuase MacCain is a Rhino that did not inspire anybody.

    If Palin was not there he would have lost by 15% insted of 5%.

    Sarah head to head against Obama would be over with the first 15 minutes of poll closing.

    The liberal media is so stupid that there leaders are Levi and Letterman.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      freddy, I suggest you look at the opinion polls regarding Sarah Palin around election time. Palin’s disastrous short record and habit of inarticulation combined with ignorance were a drag on the McCain campaign.

      You accuse: “The liberal media is so supid that there leaders are Levi and Letterman.” Are you trying to be ironic?

  2. ramone says:

    if freddy is right, the GOP will lose by at least 5% again. because they sure are on the sarah bandwagon. if you can’t see russia out of palin’s backyard, you are going nowhere in the republican party. freddy has placed himself in the obvious forefront of the GOP and is willing to go down with sarah’s sheep. well, at least you can muff dive.

  3. ramone says:

    i know… i know. that was very low-brow. and anti-feminists. i apologize, heaven knows i would have never said such a thing about hillary, at least not unless the name had been fredrica…
    i’m just kidding!!!
    i may have to change my monicker to “closet comedian”

  4. qsss says:

    See you later Scuzzy

    1. qsss says:

      And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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