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LAPD Tries to East Germanize Los Angeles with iWatchLA Program

iWatchLA Public Service Announcement:

iWatchLA Brochure:

What Is iWATCH?

is a community program to help your neighborhood stay safe from terrorist activities.

You and your fellow community members can report behaviors and activities that make you feel uncomfortable or do not look right (suspicious behaviors).

iWATCH is a program and partnership between your community and the Los Angeles Police Department.

iWATCH can prevent terrorist activities in Los Angeles and in your neighborhood.

iWATCH asks you to report behavior and activities that are unusual or seem out of the ordinary.

Why Report These Behaviors and Activities?

It is your awareness reported to police that can help predict and prevent attacks before they happen.

Since 9/11, we can and must work together to prevent future attacks.

It is always better to report behaviors and activities that do not seem right.

Remember that the iWATCH program is about behaviors and activities, not individuals.

Important Places to Watch
 Government buildings
 Religious facilities
 Amusement parks
 Sports/entertainment venues
 High-rise buildings
 Mass-gathering locations—parades, fairs, etc.
 Schools
 Hotels
 Theaters
 Shopping malls
 Bridges
 Public transportation

Trust Your Instincts

We rely on our senses every day of our lives. If a behavior or activity makes you feel uncomfortable, report it!

Here are some real examples of suspicious activities reported by concerned individuals that saved lives:

If it doesn’t LOOK right, report it.

A video store clerk SAW anti-American material on a DVD he was asked to copy. Police captured and arrested individuals planning a bomb attack.

It is what it is: the East Germanification of Los Angeles.

2 thoughts on “LAPD Tries to East Germanize Los Angeles with iWatchLA Program”

  1. ramone says:

    drug war!

  2. qsss says:

    I watch because I’m paranoid

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