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91% of Stand for Marriage Maine’s October Cash Came from 3 Religious Groups

A recently-released campaign finance report reveals that between October 1 and October 20, the anti-gay group “Stand for Marriage Maine” raised $1,410,689.80 in cash contributions. $1.4 million is a lot of money, especially for small-state Maine politics.

91% of that money came from just three sources:

The New Jersey based fundamentalist Christian organization called the National Organization for Marriage sent in $1,100,000.00.

The Rome, Italy based Christian organization called the Roman Catholic Church sent in $168,448.93.

The Colorado based fundamentalist Christian organization called Focus on the Family sent in $15,000.00.

Just so you know who propped up this anti-gay, anti-equality, discriminatory effort.

7 thoughts on “91% of Stand for Marriage Maine’s October Cash Came from 3 Religious Groups”

  1. le pelerin says:

    The Catholic Church is headquartered in Rome. “Roman” is a Rite among 20 some others, all unified and their head, the pope is in Rome. The Catholic Church sent in $168,448.93, not the Roman Catholic Church. I know everyone makes that error because the Roman Rite is so much bigger then the others.Some rites you may knoware:Byzantine,Ruthenian,Syro-Malabar, Melkite, Ukrainian Catholic, Coptic Catholic, Chaldean and Assyrian…Yes, these groups all brought their style of worship to these shores and cannot be lumped in as Roman Catholics but Catholics of eastern rite.

  2. Jim says:

    The contributions specify their source as the “Roman Catholic” church.

  3. le pelerin says:

    Maybe because the bishop of this diocese is of the Roman Rite.

  4. le pelerin says:

    I should of said: The bishop is of the latin rite.

  5. Mary Hayes says:

    Nope “Roman Catholic Church” or “Roman Church” will do for me. Either way, it’s going to mean “hate group” from here on out.

  6. Kevin says:

    how about “Dagon Cult HeadMaster Chief Idolator?”

    1. Jim says:

      Is that some kind of brand of salad shooter, Kevin?

      The Catholic Church is not alone in its sponsorship of bigotry and discrimination.

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