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Why Do Christian Fundamentalists Need To Run For Congress To Create Government Under God?

Larry Kissell is not a great member of Congress. He’s a Democrat who tends to vote with the Republicans a good amount of the time, and offers either obstruction or just plain apathy to progressive legislation. Kissell’s opponents in the 2010 election, however, are right wing nutty to an entirely different degree.

darrell dayConsider, for example, Darrell Day, who is currently competing for the Republican Party nomination for Congress in Kissell’s district. The motto of Darrell Day’s campaign is: “To help America trust God not Government for our security”.

If Darrell Day truly believes that people should trust his Christian God, and not government, then why is he asking to be elected to a government position? It seems that Mr. Day either doesn’t regard himself as trustworthy, or he doesn’t believe what he’s saying.

If this God character that Darrell Day believes in is so powerful, how come he needs the help of the U.S. Congress to make people believe in and worship him? If this God truly existed, and was as omnipotent as believers keep on claiming, then a secular Congress could be no obstacle to the spread of his true religion.

For some reason, preachers like Darrell Day seem to believe that Congress has more power than the Christian deity, and think that their God can only win the day if they get control of Congress and convert it into mechanism for converting people to Christianity. At the level of actual behavior, it seems that aspiring theocrats like Darrell Day actually don’t believe in the God they keep on preaching about. What they believe in is the power of government, which is why they pursue it so fervently.

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