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Anti-Gay Mainer Names Himself God. Lordy, Lordy.

The attitude of Mainers who acted to take away equality from the state of Maine, who acted to take away equal protection under law for gay and lesbian people in Maine, is perfectly summed up in the letter to the editor by Louis Phillipe of Westbrook:

Those ever-so-certain folks at Stand For Marriage Maine are doing the right thing. Get over yourself and stop trying to covet what is mine.

Signed, God

PS: I know you’re busy with all your political causes and agendas, but if you get a chance, check out 1 Corinthians 1:26-28.

Louis Phillipe

Who is the “I” and the “me” in this letter? It is God. It is Louis Phillipe. Louis Phillipe is taking the name of God for his letter. Louis Phillipe is writing down words of his own, attaching the name “God” to them, and claiming that God, the supreme ruler of the entire cosmos, speaks them. He does so in order to advocate violence against the liberty of others.

It has been ever so.

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