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Poll: Spying On Innocents in FBI Operation BITE ME?

You may remember that on Tuesday, we responded to revelations of a newly expanded FBI program of covert surveillance against innocent people — and the FBI’s declaration that they didn’t want this program referred to as “spying” — with a poll. Our poll asks, golly, if we can’t call the FBI spying program a spying program, then what the heck should we call it? Reader suggestions made up our possible answers, and whoever’s suggestion is the most popular will win a free Fourth Amendment button.

Here are the results so far:

[poll id=”8″]

Voting ends Saturday at midnight. If you like the current leader in voting and think that the FBI’s program of covert spying on innocent people should be called BITE ME, give it a kick up. If you think another name would be better, now the time to add your vote.

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