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Silence On Orang Pendek DNA Tests

A non-update on the results of the Centre for Fortean Zoology’s expedition to Indonesia to find the orang pendek, a creature said by local legend to be a species of ape undiscovered by science. You may remember that, over a month ago, members of the expedition claimed to have spotted an orang pendek, then watched it sit and eat, and finally saunter away, without having enough time to snap a photograph of the creature.

orang pendek expeditionNonetheless, the expedition claimed to have retrieved a stalk that the creature was chewing on, and grabbed a few of what they thought were its hairs. The expedition promised that there would be DNA tests of the hairs.

And then… nothing. This update exists merely to report that the Centre for Fortean Zoology has stopped reporting on the orang pendek expedition altogether. No news of the results of the DNA tests have been released. Why the selective silence?

2 thoughts on “Silence On Orang Pendek DNA Tests”

  1. Joseph says:

    I went looking for update info and found this. Great little article. One of the expedition members posted on Cryptomundo and a few of us had them spinning in circles. They didn’t even bring plaster to make prints, complaining about the possibility of having to pay a penalty for overweight luggage!

    I think the selective silence is because they really saw a gibbon, which I predicted the DNA test would show, if any DNA was found on the sample at all. Remember at the same time Jon Downes of CFZ released a tape of a “lake monster” that he called the most significant paranormal footage to ever be shot in the UK, which turned out to be a water fowl, and it was also revealed that they were being filmed by documentarians. It was a perfect storm of hubris, incompetence and suspicious financial motives.

    1. Jim says:

      Now, Joseph! I’ve met some water fowl that were pretty monstrous. A duck once bit my shoe!

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