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FBI Spies on YOU, Demanding Identity of Visitors to Indymedia

Hey you. Yeah, you. Chances are, the FBI has been spying on you.

I’m not just saying that. You see, people who read Irregular Times have often pointed us to stories at Indymedia to help us understand developments in the world that mainstream media just won’t cover. This means that a number of Irregular Times readers are also Indymedia readers. And if you’re an Indymedia reader, the U.S. Government wants to keep track of you.

EFF has the story: earlier this year, the FBI demanded without a search warrant that Indymedia deliver “all IP traffic to and from” along with all other identifying information for visitors to the left-wing alternative news website. Along with this demand (the actual words used by the FBI were “YOU ARE COMMANDED”) came a gag order: “You are not to disclose the existence of this request.”

Well, in anticipation of such moves by the Indymedia had purged its IP logs, meaning that the government’s request was stymied. Indymedia fought back against the gag order too, eventually getting the government to back off so the story of FBI bullying, warrantless surveillance tactics against left-wing organizers could be told.

19 thoughts on “FBI Spies on YOU, Demanding Identity of Visitors to Indymedia”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    That would include me, as I’ve been over to Indymedia many times this year. So, senators, representatives, when you have your hearings and say that no one is complaining about abuses of the Patriot Act and FISA Amendments Act, that no one is being abused, it’s not accurate.

    I have been targeted by the FBI for spying on my legal, peaceful, political activities, and I am complaining.

  2. They call Me...Tim says:

    Ah, yes…so HOW IS that hope and change working for you?

  3. The Call Me...Tim says:

    You kmow, at least with Bush we could get heads up from congress folk and other agencies when shit like this happened, but since Obama took over, they have all been silent. Obama has been becoming more and more of a bad choice as the days roll on. At least with McCain he was so weak we could have bullied HIM into doing the right thing….

    1. Jim says:

      You think that civil libertarians would have bullied a Republican White House into going to the left of Obama’s current position? You go right on thinking that. But obviously, to answer your questions, the changes we were promised by Obama are not coming to pass, and the more the activities of the Obama administration come to light, the less hopeful I am that they will occur.

      1. The Call Me...Tim says:

        Well, perhaps not with the libertarians, okay…but Obama is turning out to be the biggest farce we ever agreed to vote for. And I will not do that again. I’d vote for Howdey Dudey before I’d give him a another chance.

        1. qs says:


          We’ll probably end up with a really militant republican in office who is attacking every country in sight, and people will be ready to vote for the “other guy” again.

          1. The Call Me...Tim says:

            Well…true. But as of today…Obama alone is not as bad what we could get….but both Obama and Congress is far too dangerous to leave unchallenged.

          2. Jim says:

            Every national politician is too powerful to go unchallenged.

  4. qs says:

    What exactly is indiemedia?

    1. Jim says:

      Go look and find out. Indymedia, alas, is a bit of a shadow of what it used to be, which was independent community-based journalism. It’s a bit stiff nowadays, but still a worthwhile effort.

      1. qs says:

        I find this a bit disturbing. I bet everyone who reads stuff like infowars are on the same lists.

      2. qs says:

        Why is Indiemedia anymore independent than say…well whatever.

        What makes them so edgy that the FBI wants to track them?

        1. Jim says:

          Ask the FBI your second question.

          Go read Indymedia to find out the first. It is a website infrastructure designed specifically to allow citizens to contribute on-the-ground reporting of information, particularly regarding protest and other direct action. It was set up and running before blogs and twitter really took off as popular forms of expression and sharing information, which made it particularly valuable back then.

        2. Truman says:

          They’re independent of corporate control and the influence of advertisers, which sources like Politico, Huffington Post, etc., most definitely are not.

          1. qs says:

            So how do they make money without those?

          2. Truman says:

            The purpose isn’t to make money.

  5. The Call Me...Tim says:

    It’s not so much their coverage but those that frequented their site. The type of readers they drew was of interest to the FBI…the FBI wasn’t interested in the MSNBC, FOX, CNN crowd, they are all the same mind set. But something indie has is “concerning”…or whatever….

  6. qs says:

    Maybe the terrorists use Indymedia

  7. Tom says:

    Yeah, and i like the fact that the FBI asked them to keep quiet about the request: “we don’t want to arouse any suspicion that we’re doing anything, you know, ILLEGAL.” It’s Nixon all over again – if the [government agency] does it, it can’t be illegal – false argument. They got away with it getting the internet providers and the phone companies to go along with it under BUSH (and giving them blanket, after the fact, protection from prosecution of our supposed CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in the process).

    i’m more pissed that the American sheeple just sit back and get fucked by their government, the financial sector, and their employers without even protesting! What a bunch of ignorant, lazy, spineless jerks we are. All that crap we teach/learn in school about our government is way off the mark. We’re being dumbed down, lied to, spied on, and CONTROLLED at every turn, and we do nothing about it. Our forefathers would be real proud of the way we turned out.

    i guess we couldn’t hold on to the Republic after all, Ben, ’cause now we live in an oligarchical POLICE STATE.

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