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New York Democrats Block Marriage Equality Again

Earlier this year, a small group of bigoted Democrats in the New York State Senate blocked legislation that would have bestowed marriage equality for all New Yorkers, regardless of sexual orientation. Today, they’re pushing their nasty anti-gay agenda again.

There was supposed to be a vote on marriage equality legislation in the New York State Senate today, but a minority of Democrats are joining Republicans to try to block a vote on the bill. Among the anti-gay Democrats is New York State Senator Rubén Díaz, who explained that the reason he is working to prevent the marriage equality bill from coming up for a vote is that his personal religion tells him that same-sex marriage is wrong.

Trying to explain himself yesterday, Senator Díaz said, “My religion is against gay marriage. It means, I don’t agree with what you do. But let’s go out. Let’s go to the movies. Let’s be friends.” Did Díaz think about the implications of what he said? He’s willing to vote to deprive other New Yorkers of their constitutional rights just because of his own personal religious beliefs, but then he expects those people to be his friends? No, Senator Díaz, it doesn’t work that way.

The astounding pose of friendly discrimination by Rubén Díaz is yet another indication that we can’t count on the Democratic Party to take a stand for the constitutional rights of American citizens.

2 thoughts on “New York Democrats Block Marriage Equality Again”

  1. Alphredo says:

    New York State stinks in the number of voter referendums that it gets on the ballot. We get very few, and they are usually not important ones, just stupid ones.

    Let’s get this so-called “gay marriage” issue on the ballot for all the voters to decide, once and for all. This should be so simple, let the majority decide.

    The more I listen to the political ramblings of all these clowns in Albania and Warshington, the more I’m for term limits of about two weeks. They should not be able to cause much damage in that amount of time. It’s getting to be all games and special-interests, not real governing.

  2. Rowan says:

    Alphredo, how would term limits end games and special interests? How would term limits bring about “real governing”? Wouldn’t you just have elected officials without enough time to establish enough power to withstand corporate lobbyists at all?

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