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Help Look Through Docs Revealing Negotiations For Spying Immunity

The FISA Amendments Act was passed last year with the help of then-senator Barack Obama. Obama had pledged he would never vote for a bill to give telecommunications corporations immunity from prosecution for their part in an illegal and unconstitutional scheme to spy on the private electronic communications of millions of Americans. Last summer, however, Obama broke his word, and did just that.

The FISA Amendments Act expanded the Protect America Act’s legalization of massive electronic and physical surveillance programs against Americans, conducted by our own government, without any of the protections required by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. The FISA Amendments Act also gave retroactive immunity to telecommunications corporations that violated their privacy contracts with their customers and gave the Bush Administration huge amounts of data about millions of Americans’ personal communications without a search warrant or other oversight.

Now, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has received a large number of documents related to the legislative negotiations that led to the creation and passage of the FISA Amendments Act – negotiations in which Barack Obama may have had a part. The ACLU and Wired Magazine are asking for help in looking through the documents, and I’m passing that request for help along to you.

Take a look. See what you can find out about this secret Big Brother spying program to intrude the government’s eyes into your private life.

One thought on “Help Look Through Docs Revealing Negotiations For Spying Immunity”

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks. Nice to be privy to the smoke, long after the car has disappeared on its journey to perdition. A road map to where they’re going?

    Will it help us undo any of it, when the government acts completely independantly, unaccountably, secretly and ignores us in all but facade?

    Sure, i’ll have a look at what’s already been passed, endorsed by our current president toady. Not that it will do any good, besides the continuing curse of underscoring the surety of the government’s dominance and disrespect of us under the guise of “protection” or “security”. Humanity is continually repeating the mistakes of the past, and WE here in the U.S. haven’t learned a damned thing.

    Least of all, we aren’t willing to do anything about any of it.

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